jess....      being a mother takes courage, and today i'm feeling brave. (dancer/rehersal assistant.)

erin...        i have had a love hate relationship with my body and now i am choosing to love it ! (artistic director)

  (dancer/social media) i love my body and so does he! with a little faith the right person will come.       ... marianne

(dancer) i like to show my body love, keeping it healthy and appreciating all the hard work it does for me.      ...taylor  

 christine,,,      i felt strong and empowered.the moment i let go of being the best and started to focus on the best i can be. (dancer)

(dancer ) i am done worriying about what people think, now i'm doing what's right for me.       ... jamie

daun....       enjoying life at 50, born again teenager.(photshoot participant)